Garden Maintenance

Regular garden maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your outdoor spaces under control, whether it’s your lawns, plant beds or hedges. At GES Gardening Services, we have an experienced and knowledgeable garden care team in Epsom, Surrey to look after your needs, creating bespoke gardening plans to keep everything looking pristine.

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Our Garden Maintenance Services

We provide bespoke garden maintenance services, tailoring all solutions to your needs. Whether you need some help with your general gardening or would like us to manage your garden to keep it in shape all year round, we’ll put together a package to suit your specific requirements.

Garden Tidy Up Services

Does your garden need a quick spruce up? Maybe your bushes and plants need seasonal cutbacks, or you’d like your lawn cleared of leaves before a party. Perhaps you’d even like us to get rid of all those annoying weeds that have sprung up across your grass and flower beds.

Whatever you need, request a garden tidy up from our team. Our flexible services can be tailored to your needs, getting your garden back on track in no time. This includes patio and decking cleaning to ensure no part of the garden spoils its appearance.

Planting & Pruning

Have you got lots of plants, flowers or shrubs which need organising? Whether it’s planting up some new pots and hanging baskets or putting some seasonal bulbs in your troughs, our expert gardeners will complete each task to the highest of standards.

We can even plant across large flower beds to ensure your garden is a beautiful space to spend time in. Our gardeners can also provide regular pruning to keep plants, bushes and hedge growth under control.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge maintenance is required to ensure they remain healthy, keep their shape and don’t become too overgrown. We perform hedge cutting on all sizes and types of shrub, whether it’s small bushes along the boundary of a garden or large ones across estate grounds.

Perhaps the hedge is growing onto your paths or towards a neighbour’s property, or the task is too big for you to take on yourself using domestic garden tools. Whatever you need our hedge trimming services for, ask our gardening team for assistance today.

Garden Clearances

Besides leaf clearances, we can also perform some more in-depth work if you’d like a clear garden canvas to play with. Perhaps you’ve bought a new property and inherited an untidy garden, or you’re about to re-landscape your outdoor areas and want everything tidying up before you start.

Our professional team can efficiently remove plants, bushes, twigs, leaves, clippings, shrubs and more to help you start again.

Lawn Care

Do you require regular grass cutting services? Or perhaps your new garden needs re-turfing and a large number of weeds removing from the grass. We offer specialist lawn care services for all your needs, including mowing, weeding and turfing solutions.

Using high-quality equipment and machinery, we expertly keep your lawn in shape, and can even provide weed treatments to look after its long term condition.

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If needed, we can arrange a free site visit to come and see your garden in person and provide expert advice about the gardening services you’ll benefit from the most.


Whether it’s a one-off task such as power washing your patio or scheduling weekly gardening maintenance at your home, we’ll provide you with a free, competitive quote.


Once happy, we’ll book in the gardening work at a convenient time for you, assigning you a skilled and knowledgeable gardener for your needs.

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